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HiLink Bring's GEOLocation to Short URLs!

HiLink is the only place that provides real time geolocation to your people with one link.
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Geo Marketing

A brand new way to connect clients, customers and followers to the right place the first time. With HiLink you can send clients to any location with one link.

How it Works

It's easy, you put locations into "groups" this allows you to have one link for all the locations in that group. With one link you can send your people to the right location based on thier location with just one link!


Wish you knew where clients came from and where they ended up going? Well now you can with built in metrics your clients get aggregated into an easy to use system.

Return on Investment

Wondered why so many internet marketing plans fail? With HiLink customers will no longer spend time searching, they'll get to the right place from day one ending in 100% ROI everytime.